If given then eat!
If not given let not your lips even touch it!


Delicacies of the lady of the house available for 1-3,5€:

Elkmeat soup, splendid taste is noticed 2,5 €
Pasty, meat therein 1,5 €
Pasty, game meat therein 1,5 €
Pasty, spinach therein 1,5 €
Pasty, carrot therein 1 €
Pasty, cabbage therein 1 €
Pasty, apple therein 1,5 €
Elkmeat, neatly drieth 1,5 €
Savoury sausages of oxmeat 3,5 €

Whose paunch is emptier or the appetite greater, or if a great feast is planned, let them cast a glance over here!