Welcome to the Third Dragon!

The Third Dragon is an old-fashioned tavern where 2,5-4 coins will be charged for a meal. This will be doubled on ordering drinks, of course! Therefore, those hungry and thirsty among you should have at least 2,5 euro coins in your purses; otherwise, don’t bother showing up. Those willing to fish for dill pickle themselves will get it all free for their trouble. Customers with heftier purses will be kings, but do keep in mind that the Tavern Frump will always have the last word! It’s also good to remember that our house is intended for those looking for extreme experiences, who value a decent sense of humour and wish to experience something completely different from a regular visit to a restaurant. In addition, the Third Dragon is a public house for city people of a simpler kind, free of snobbery, allowing you to feel free and relaxed!