Tavern Ladies

Tavern Lady is a hag who is in charge of toasting and speaking up in favour of the tavern, to pay tribute to the Lady, eat and drink in honour and venerate all that is good and virtuous. She will also see that everyone has enough drinks and cups will never be empty, and she will keep an eye on everyone before they are either taken by fatigue or become excessively naughty.
Should some boredom be sensed, the Tavern Keeper will tell some stories of wisdom or even fun to suggest some new topics for discussion or ask the musicians to perform some song for everyone to sing along.
In between to speaking and suggesting toasts, the Tavern Keeper is allowed to taste and sample every morsel of food offered at the tavern, so that his/her face can clearly show which of these meals is worthy of special attention and should be devoured first.

The Tavern Lady of this house are ladies of a special kind. We are BOLD, never mince our words and are quick to talk back.

Our house always holds RESPECT FOR OTHERS in high esteem and being the first to sock someone is not considered good manners; however, we never fail to hit back.

We also keep TRUST in high esteem and are known all over town for our respectability. The soup is always warm and pies are fresh.